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Two friends and I went to see The Proposal on opening night and we loved it! Sandra Bullock was amazing, as usual, in the role of a somewhat neurotic woman. She's a great comedic actress and it's always fun to see her on screen and see the things she'll do.

I've liked Ryan Reynolds in everything I've seen him in and he stole my heart in this film! His character was so sweet and Ryan had the perfect facial expressions to go along with what was taking place in the film. I love an actor who can act with his face and he did that throughout.

And last but not least there was legend Betty White continued to be fantastic in everything she does with this film! She was hilarious! It was great to see her in this kind of role instead of her Golden Girls role, which I am most familiar with.

The other supporting characters were great and added a lot to the film however there was one story line that I thought fleshed out enough and should either have been used more or cut out completely.

All three of us loved The Proposal and walked out of the theater wanting to walk right back in!

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Date: 2009-07-13 01:23 pm (UTC)
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This film is really not so popular in the UK, I haven't heard much talk of it, and here in Italy it's still not out... But I keep hearing such good thing about it that now it's in my list of films I really want to see!
I'm so glad you like Sandra Bullock, I know so many people who really dislike her! I can't wait to see her in this film! Thanks for the review!


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