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I sit for a long time and watch the night bruise toward morning, the purple turning yellow, the yellow fading till it's as if the dark has never marked the skin of the sky at all.
-- A Great and Terrible Beauty, Libba Bray

After tragedy strikes her family in India, Gemma Doyle returns to London and is sent by her brother to the elite boarding school, Spence. At first she clashes with the royal circle of the class but soon need forges a friendship between them and a small group is formed. Through an old diary Gemma, Felicity, Pippa and Ann begin learn about The Order--an ancient magical group--and Gemma begins to discover her own powers.

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray started off a bit slow for me. It's not there wasn't a hook in the beginning, I just wasn't as interested in it until Gemma reached Spence. But the imagery in the first few chapters were beautiful and kept me reading. Once Gemma began attending school I was hooked. It was a book that was hard to put down and one that was on my mind when I wasn't reading. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next in the trilogy, though it's hard to imagine it comparing to this one.

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Date: 2009-08-21 07:17 am (UTC)
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I haven't read the rest of the trilogy, but I did enjoy this book. There are some awesome fan-made trailers on YouTube for it, too.


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