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Name:Mermaid Dances
Birthdate:May 14
Location:United States of America
Chrissa >> 23. Minneapolis. Writer. Dancer. Student. Artist.

She >> Views the world in a series of words and pictures. Loves the smell of books, coffee and freshly cut grass. Knows her way around Vienna better than her own city. Thinks Keane is the best music to listen to while walking around the city. Listens to Damien Rice when she can't fall asleep at night. Would have cried while visiting Beethoven's grave had she not been wearing mascara. Can't leave the house without mascara on. Loves painting her nails different colors. Is a daddy's girl. Will drop anything for her niece and nephew. Collects interesting wine bottles. Drinks red wine. Lives on water, tea and coffee. Believes she got her artistic talent from her grandmother (and her love of jelly beans). Has lived in Senegal, West Africa for a few months. Will read just about anything. Can't be typecast in writing. Is an amateur photographer and dabbles in drawing. Plays the flute. Is an English undergrad. Loves cheesy dance movies. Feels lost without her phone. Puts avocado in just about everything. Firmly believes in dancing in the rain... and the moonlight. Feels at home by the sea. Grew up wanting to be a mermaid.

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Interests (150):

1920's, accents, adam pascal, africa, anita shreve, art history, audrey hepburn, austria, ballet, ballroom dancing, belly dancing, bhangra, biology, bon jovi, bones, boys, brandon lee, breast cancer awareness, british chick lit, broadway shows, caf├ęs, cecelia ahern, chai, cleo coyle, cobblestone streets, coffee, coffee houses, cozy mysteries, cultures, dakar, dancing, dante's inferno, dolphins, drawing, dreaming, dreams, edgar degas, england, europe, eyeliner, eyeshadow, flappers, flute, foreign currency, francisco de goya, french, friends, german, goran visnjic, grey's anatomy, gustav klimt, haruki murakami, henna, history, house, icons, idina menzel, imagination, impressionism, irish chick lit, jackson pollock, japan, japanese, jesus, jodi picoult, john corbett, joyce carol oates, kate hudson, kate winslet, keane, keith urban, kenny chesney, lee crosner, legends, les miserables, living abroad, london, ludwig van beethoven, mac, marilyn monroe, marjane satrapi, martinis, mehndi, memories, miniature dachshunds, moulin rouge, mount everest, music, native american flute, new york, ocean, oil pastels, parakeets, patrick dempsey, photography, piano, pinot grigio, pk's, pocahontas, portuguese, private practice, rabbits, rain, reading, red lipstick, reese witherspoon, rent, rhinos, ruins, salsa dancing, sangria, sanibel island, scarlett johansson, sedona, senegal, sex and the city, shaun t, smoky eyes, snowmen, sophie kinsella, steel drums, surrealism, tango, the bachelor, the crow, the nile, the odyssey, thunder, thunderstorms, tragic love stories, transylvania, travel, travel photography, travel writing, traveling, trumpet, veronica mars, vienna, vincent van gogh, viva glam, vivaldi's four seasons, waltz, wanderlust, washington dc, water, water sanitation, wine, world travel, writing, yoga booty ballet
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